My name is David Longenecker, a professional bass player.I know he has excellent abilities.

Regarding my qualifications: I have a Bachelors Degree in Music Performance from the University of Toronto, and have been a member of the Toronto Symphony for 21 years.

I know that you will find Jon Roblin to be an excellent all round musician. He is a graduate of Humber College - the most prestigious jazz educational institution in Canada. He is an excellent drummer who is well versed in many different styles. His own sense of timing always is excellent, also, his ability to perform with click tracks. He performs excellently on drums,piano, and a wide variety of brass and woodwind instruments. He has been doing a solo piano/vocalist stint on ships for the past few months, and I know him to be an excellent entertainer, and having a wide vocal range (low bass to high tenor) with a nice solo voice quality. Jon and I have performed for many years together in many different groups as drums/bass, including a jazz quintet and a pop-style group. He has an excellent musical imagination, and easily plays different styles and genres, or will just play to create a mood in “orchestral” style.

I know you will also find Jon to be a highly entertaining person who has a wonderful sense of humor.

                                               Dave Longenecker

Jon Roblin has been represented recently  by 'Lime Entertainment'  
and by Pro Ship aboard cruise ships since September 2000. 
Tube Productions in /93. Also, Whitefoot Entertainment for NCL
and Carnival Cruises.

  • RCCL 'Majesty, & Grandeaur of the Seas' Jan -May/ 2016
  • Celebrity Cruises 02/03/2000 to 05/2001
​          Holland America Cruises 10/28/2002 to 03/16/2003
  • Celebrity Cruises 06/01/2004 to 08/23/2004
​          Compagnie des Iles du Ponant 07/09/2007 to 08/03/07

Cindy Blackburn
 Band Manager ProShip Entertainment

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